It's been quite a lot time by now that I have developed a tiny library to read files from the CMU MoCap lib. In case you are working with the .amc files you may find it useful.

I was inspired by the Matlab version of the interface, however, I have not implemented the writing back to .amc file functionality. At this version, you can only read the motion files. The examples should be self-declarative and comprehensive.

You can find or clone the library at: or    git clone This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:gpierris/pycmu_mocap.git

In the last year, or even more, we have put all our efforts into the development of a novel Reinforcement Learning algorithm for temporal pattern learning. In our approach, we use a Hierarchy of self-organizing maps to encode sequences of motion primitives. More details of this work are available in the publications section and as soon as we finish the review more work will be out.

To make long story short...

During the National Eisteddfod Event, Ebbw Vale, Wales, UK, August 6-7, 2010, I developed an interface for the Animazoo Gypsy-6 full-body motion capture to control a simulated Aldebaran Nao robot. We had the opportunity to try it on the famous football player Malcolm Allen, where he managed to kick a couple of penalties!

Another project to control the Aldebaran Nao humanoid robot using the Kinect Sensor has been put in the back burner for now.